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Indian hawks professional certificate program is a powerful opportunity for individuals aspiring to be or already working as a professional. Working with experts within industry needs proficiency which helps you to increase market credibility.

IECI (Institute of event charters of India) is an official education partner of Indian Hawks which offers certificate programs in different sectors of service industry to master your knowledge and enhance your practical skills for your better future in service segments.


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Steps to get register with Indian Hawks:

  • Sign-up
  • Complete your profile with 100% Accuracy
  • Get 15 days' Training Program

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Complete fundamental 15 days training course from Indian Hawks in association with IECI which makes you more confident and professional.

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Live Training or workshops during the course will give you the knowledge from minor to major but don't forget to learn in your classroom.

Get Certified

Your success is on your door. Get certificate in association with IECI and start your drive towards your successful career.



Every individual wants to specialize themselves before actually doing any job because it makes them to work smarter and that will be only possible when they had learnt under some experts who are masters in their area of expertise. This certificate training program in association with IECI (Institute of Event Charters of India) will give you best learning environment for service industry procedures and techniques, So that you can take one step forward in your beautiful journey of successful career.

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